300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


Lauran Janes and Steven Ross lead a year long Journey of a lifetime

Program objectives

  • Sacred practice advanced training with Divine union as the centerpiece
  • Embrace the emerging role of the Yoga teacher as a spiritual guide
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of Yogic science
  • Understand the soul’s quest for Self realization and learn to teach from this perspective.
  • Honor the ancient tradition and deliver in a modern practical context.
  • Enable teachers to hold sacred space and transmit multi-level teachings to their students
  • Create personal sadhana and yoga classes that spiritually focused.

Information sessions

Please join us for an information session with one of the lead faculty, learn about this program and have your questions answered.  Or contact us eastsideyoga@gmail.com for a one on one info session.   Next info session will be held Wednesday March 7th 7.30pm-8.30pm

Our vision

We invite yoga teachers and sincere seekers to take this journey of spiritual transformation through living and teaching the sacred practice of Yoga as Divine union. This year long program embodies yoga as timeless purifying practices and a most sacred pathway for accessing Self-realization in whatever way you personally relate to the Divine. Every module and teaching point of this 300 hour program is akin to a spoke from the central wheel of Yoga as primarily a spiritual pursuit.

Yoga means union with God, or union of the little ego-self with the Divine Self, the Infinite Spirit”

 Paramhansa Yogananda

Our intention is to bring alive the ancient threads of Yoga, creating a deeper connection to the sacred roots of the tradition while supporting and expanding the experience and teaching ability of every participant. Upon completion of this 300 hour Yoga training every participant will come away with greater confidence in their ability to teach Yoga, gaining a wider skill set of teaching tools, a broader foundation in yoga philosophy and mythology, cultivate expansive knowledge in the sacred practice of Yoga while also exploring the physical, pranic and spiritual dimensions of Yoga sadhana. This will allow each practitioner to not only create a more authentic, and multi-layered connection to their own practice but will also allow for a richer and more meaningful depth of experience to bring to their students. Learn to teach people to identify their visceral experience with what they need. Teach people the tools to help them achieve. Teach people the importance of discipline without which one can never achieve what they need. Let God do the rest.

Participants of this year long program will journey together from the first evening to graduation in August 2019. By developing our sadhana through the fellowship of your classmates you can deepen your experience and maximize your potential for growth.This unique interpersonal journey will carry forth into one’s teaching so that each class has dimension, depth and also practical application. Live and embody the art and science of Yoga through your own personal relationship with the Divine.

May the mission that began with the great Himalayan Masters journeying to the west continue so that we may all help contribute to spiritually uplifting and uniting the world.

Lokah, Samastah, Sukhino, Bhavantu

Lead- Faculty

Assisting Faculty

To learn more of the faculty visit the faculty page

Basic Structure of the course.

    • Enhancing Teaching Skills – 75 hours
    • Advancing techniques and language – 70
    • Yoga Philosophy – 35 hours
    • Yoga Spirituality – 25 hours
    • Anatomy and Subtle Anatomy – 25 hours
    • Meditation teacher training – 25 hours
    • Mentorship and Practice teaching - 15 hours
    • Assignments and Observations – 30 hours.

How the Program Works and requirements

  • Cohesive thirteen month long training limited to 16 students all graduating together.
  • 12 Weekend monthly modules  – Each module consists of weekend intensive training and assignments
  • Weekend Intensive schedule –  Friday 7.30pm-9.30pm / Saturday 1pm-6pm / Sunday 1pm to 6pm.
  • Participation in four Wednesday evening 5 week series. 7.30pm-9.30pm
  • Participation in three 12 hour Sadhana development series.  Tuesday 6.30am-8am and Saturday 7.30am-9.am
  • Attend three day retreat – Friday 2pm to Sunday 2pm.
  • Comprehensive assessment and mentorship program.
  • Self reflection exercises, observations and reading assignments.

Details of Modules and Retreat.

Each module is a combination of lecture, storytelling, guided discussion, small group practice, personal reflection exercises, asana, pranayama, meditation and teaching methodology.

The Journey continues – lecture series.

  • Brief history of Yoga and Vedic civilization
  • The paths of Yoga and how to walk them
  • Recap of Subtle anatomy
  • The Role of the Guru
  • Redefining Yoga as Divine Union and the Yoga teacher as a spiritual guide.

The Heroic Journey of the Soul

  • Experiential weekend uncovering the quest of the soul for spiritual growth
  • Learn the ways to develop a personal relationship with the Divine
  • Reconceptualize the Divine
  • Expand your understanding and vision of what it means to be a Yoga teacher.
  • Introduction to the potential of Sacred Body Geometry
  • Experience a Raja Yoga – integral yoga practice

Sacred Heart practices

  • Sacred ritual and heart purification practices
  • Discussions on the heart and its importance in spiritual development
  • How to truly open your heart.
  • Bhakti yoga and devotional understanding.

The landscape of reality

  • In order to understand the soul’s journey we must grasp how we got here and Yogic pathways to get out of delusion. Discussions and teaching methods on:
  • Sankhya philosophy, maya, and practical ways to follow the paths of Yoga.
  • The Spiritual path and living temple of Divine bliss.
  • OM, Cosmic vibration and duality.

The Human vehicle – subtle pathways to enlightenment

  • All of us have a hidden anatomy for spiritual growth and upliftment,
  • Develop a sophisticated understanding of the Yogic science, subtle energies and how to harness them.

Psychology of Suffering, the pitfalls of the ego and Soul freedom

  • Drawing from the earlier modules we examine the ego, yogic psychology, suffering and the quest for liberation.  Explore Patanjali’s perspectives on suffering, understand karma, reincarnation and how to transcend the ego.

The Battlefield of Life – Reflections on the Bhagavad Gita

  • What is the Bhagavad Gita and why is it so important to Yoga?
  • Nature of the soul, the field of battle and the quest for liberation.
  • Self offering, yagya and how to perform simple puja.
  • Death, the final exam for a Yogi
  • Cycles of Global consciousness (The Yugas) and our place in them.
  • The Gunas and Yogic lifestyle.
  • The Supreme Being

Weekend with special guest Swami Shivatmananda

  • Vedic Lifestyle and sacred ritual
  • Vedanta and vision of perfection.
  • The Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali.
  • Ishtadeveta – your chosen form of God.
  • Guided tour of Chinmaya temple

The Art of Sequencing

  • Find new creative and dynamic ways to sequence class and to hold space that speaks to body, mind and soul of your students.

Anatomy – structure and function with Elsa Bui PT.

  • Recapping fundamentals of anatomy
  • Integrative structural assessment
  • troubleshooting common injuries.
  • Spinal integrity
  • Anatomy of Breathing

Meditation teacher training

  • Understand what true yogic meditation is and what it isn’t
  • Learn to experience and lead traditional meditation techniques
  • Learn to integrate modern creative techniques to yogic science.
  • Develop the art of meditation – intuition
  • Understand the latest scientific research on meditation

Advanced Pranayama

  • Learn multiple pranayama techniques and how to effectively teach them.
  • Gain understanding and experience Prana/subtle energy.
  • Disseminate the body as a living temple of the Divine
  • Advanced pranayama methods.

Bhakti inspired weekend retreat with guest teachers

  • Dive deep into the ocean of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion and Divine love
  • Develop your ability for storytelling from the ancient Puranic myths
  • Learn about the beloved Divine forms and how to approach God.
  • Integrate kirtan, chanting the Divine names and the joy of satsang.

Raja Yoga – The Royal Path of Patanjali

  • Unravel the mysteries of the Yoga Sutras in an intelligent and clear method.
  • Learn to give effective Dharma talks
  • Weave philosophy into integral Raja Yoga class.
  • Inspire spiritually minded yoga students
  • Create an Eight-limbed yoga sadhana for the seeker

Sacred Body Geometry –  45 hour Asana module :

  • Strengthen and open the body safely using:
  • Precise anatomical alignment
  • Intelligent sequencing Repetitive actions
  • Creative physical drills to foster intuitive movement
  • Refine the quality of awareness within each posture
  • Study and practice masterful cuing,
  • Ignite a consistent, empowered personal practice
  • Reduce risk of injury Access previously unattainable postures

Tools for teachers

  • finding your inner voice – develop intuitive centered classes
  • the art of holding space,
  • honoring the traditions,
  • ethics of being a spiritual yoga teacher in the modern yoga world.
  • Teaching private sessions and counseling students.

Practical Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers

  • Sanakrit alaphbet and basic rules of pronunciation
  • Deepen knowledge and pronunciation of key Sanskrit terms.
  • Chant ancient mantras and prayers.
  • Find comfort in utilizing Sanskrit in classes and explaining translations to students.

Traditional practices Mantra, Tantra and Yantra

  • Gain an understanding and comfort with key mantras, learn to chant, meditate and dispense mantras when needed. Gain perspective of bija mantra and how to personalize mantra for students.
  • Guided discussion on Tantra – what is really means and how to live this tradition.
  • Explore sacred symbols and how to integrate them into Yogasadhana

Calendar and breakout of 2018 300 hour training.

  • Module 1 – Aug 17th – 19th weekend.                                                                12 hours
  • Module 2 – Wed night 5 part series begins Aug 22nd                                   10 hours
  • Module 3 – Sep 14th – 16th weekend.                                                                12 hours
  • Module 4 – Wed night 5 part series begins Oct 10th                                      10 hours
  • Module 5 – Oct 19th – 21st weekend.                                                                 12 hours
  • Module 6 – Nov 9 – 11th weekend                                                                      12 hours
  • Module 7 – Dec 14th – 16th weekend.                                                                12 hours
  • Module 8 – Jan 18th – 20th weekend.                                                               12 hours
  • Module 9 – Wed night 5 part series begins Jan 23rd                                     10 hours
  • Module 10 – Feb 15th – 17th weekend.                                                               12 hours
  • Retreat – March weekend dates TBD.                                                               25 hours
  • Module 11 – Wed night 5 part series begins Apr 3rd                                      10 hours
  • Module 12 – Apr 19th – 21st weekend.                                                               12 hours
  • Module 13 – May 17-19th weekend.                                                                   12 hours
  • Module 14 – Jun 13th – 15th weekend.                                                              12 hours
  • Module 15 – Jul  10th – 21st weekend.                                                               12 hours
  • Module 16 – Aug 16th-18th weekend. Includes Graduation                         12 hours
  • Attend three 12 hour sadhana series.  Twice a week for four weeks           36 hours
  • Mentorship – small groups and practice teaching                                          15 hours
  • Quarterly Q&A sessions                                                                                       10 hours
  • Observations, assignments and dissertation                                                   30 hours

Prerequisites for training

  • 200-hour RYT certified by the Yoga Alliance
  • Complete registration form (link),
  • Undergo a phone interview
  • Make 10% deposit to hold their space.
Registration and Payment

Application Form link.

Payment Options

Total cost of Program is $4,600 with early registration price $4,300 with non-refundable deposit by June 30th. Payment in full is required by August 18th. Program includes unlimited public yoga classes at Eastside Yoga, comprehensive mentorship and includes cost of weekend retreat.

$600 non-refundable deposit required to hold place.

Payment plans are available by request and with signed payment agreement in addition to the deposit those on payment plan must make day 1 payment $600 then 10 payments of the remaining balance to be withdrawn monthly.

Refund Policy

If the participant withdraws anytime by end of Module 3 (Sept 16th) they will be refunded 60% of the
tuition.  Any withdrawal following that will not be refunded. If for any reason you cannot complete the training you are welcome to join the following year’s training at a similar place you withdrew.

Policies and Make-up options

All hours missed must be made up in the category of being missed. In the event student misses a certain number of hours they will have to pay for private tuition to complete the course.

If you are interested or have questions please email Steven  info@sacredrootsaustin.com